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35Halle, Charles Edward 1846-1914Portrait of Mrs Patrick Campbellimage image
Meade, John Contemp. BritishThe Bridge at Chiswick Houseimage image
Meade, John Contemp. BritishMarble Hillimage image
Meade, John Contemp. BritishHoly Trinity, Westcottimage image
Meade, John Contemp. BritishHerefordimage image
Daly, Jehan Emile 1918-2001Doll and Chairimage image
Daly, Jehan Emile 1918-2001Painting things on tableimage image
Durer, Albrecht Old MastersHead of an Old Manimage image
Matsys, Quentin 1466-1530Portrait of a Manimage image
van Eyck, Jan c. 1385-1441Portrait of a Manimage image
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