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Artist Name Exley, James R.G. 1878-1967
Artwork TitleA Youthful Falconer in Quest of Sport
CataloguingPencil and ink upon a partially drypointed impression of the plate; signed in the plate;
InformationIn this working proof only the falcon, the background landscape and the basic outline of the woman's body have been worked in drypoint. These areas, along with the title and the artist's signature have been printed from the plate, whilst the surrounding platemark has been used as the guiding border of the design. All other details, including the young woman's head and the squaring grid, have been added by the artist, in pencil and ink. The deft and highly accurate etchings and drypoints of J.R.G. Exley were almost all produced during the first thirty years of the 20th century. Having become known for his skilful etchings of birds, Exley turned towards portraiture and landscape as the sources of inspiration for his prints.